ESXi OpenWrt 使用华为随身 Wi-Fi 实现 WAN 故障转移

这几天想给家里上「双网」,但弱电箱只有一根光纤,所以无法拉双线。正好手上有一个 华为 5G 随身 Wi-Fi Pro,干脆用它来做 Failover(故障转移)吧。

November 11, 2020 · Wi1dcard

Convert OpenWrt Image to ESXi VMDK

The official doc of OpenWrt on VMware HowTo seems already outdated, and there’s no explaination of how to fix Unsupported or invalid disk type 2 for 'scsi0:0'. Ensure that the disk has been imported. on ESXi 6.7. Here after looked into some clues on Chinese router forums, I found an usable method to convert the image into ESXi VMDK format on macOS.

September 12, 2020 · Wi1dcard